Griffin Board by Anton offers a broader range of looks than ever before. Transform spaces with our modern boards that are as beautiful as they are durable. Mix and match solids, graphic patterns and stone finishes. Griifin board empowers you to achieve the look you want for any design challenge or budget.

What benefits customer get from Griffin

Griffin board is a made from light weight foamed PVC. It is extruded as a sheet that comes in various sizes and colors ranging from 2mm to 25mm. These sheets are used for outdoor advertising applications and partitions. The main advantage of Anton PVC foam boards is that they don’t absorb water and hence are more durable lasting a long time. PVC foam board is made of light weight, foamed PVC, which is l?ightweight, moisture and corrosion resistant. Please see below a comparision of Griffin board vs other markket subsitutes like Plywood and MDF.

Features of PVC foam board:

  • Fire resistant, water proof and resists moth, acid, heat, light, vibrations and noise.
  • Superior quality over wood processing
  • Ideal substitute for aluminium, wood and other composites
  • Smooth plate surface is very hard with minimal scratching. So, it is ideal for furniture, cabinets etc.
  • Has high thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • It is flame retardant and self-extinguishing.
  • It is resistant to mould and mildew and has non-moisture absorbent and anti-shock qualities.
  • Colours of the foam are long lasting with minimal fading.
  • Texture is light and portable. Can be constructed and transported easily.
  • Common carpentry tools can be used for working on the material.
  • PVC foam board can be subject to nailing, sawing, drilling, pasting and other types of processing.
  • Suited to heat bending, folding and thermoforming.
  • Smooth surface, ideal for printing.
  • Easy fabrication, handling and cutting.

Griffin – new era of decorating

Griffin board is Sri Lanka’s pioneer interior decorative wall  and ceiling board manufactured by Anton.  It proves itself as an innovative, versatile and cost effective alternate for many finishing applications. The main applications are as follows:

  • Decorative wall market


  • Decorative interiors market such as Partitioning internal structure and exposed partitioning with carvings              
  • Decorative Ceiling Sheets market


  • Pantry Cupboards & other furniture


  • Sign boards and boards to be printed on



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