Company Overview


To use our strategic Entrepreneurial capability, to be Sri Lanka’s no 1 brand, to improve and Impact the Sri Lankan way of life through our products and services

As a premium quality product and service provider, to excel at creating real value for our stakeholders by anticipating and understanding their needs and wants whilst abiding by the company values.

  • Create Impact: We care about the Impact we make on our customers, employee’s and shareholders. If we are not adding value to their lives we have failed our purpose of being. However if we achieve this, profits will follow.
  • Entrepreneurism and Leadership: Leadership and Entrepreneurial thought is in the DNA of this company. We should be leading the way on thought leadership and pioneering industry practices. We do this by:
  • Continuous Improvement: We never stop thinking, testing assumptions and continuously vow to improve process and the technology of our industry
  • Selfless service: Our leadership style is selfless service. We will always support our stakeholders with patience and kindness.
  • Do things with a conscience: We do not lie, cheat, steal or bribe. Money comes and goes but we believe we have ourselves to live with for the rest of our life.
  • Get things done/Show results: We believe results is what matters. We would rather do it, than talk about it.

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